Believe in your right to college

“My mom kind of nonchalantly handed me the envelope . . . . I was tearing it slowly and looking at it. I didn’t even read the whole thing, I just read “Congratulations” and I screamed. I called everybody in my cell phone book.

“By morning everybody in school knew about it. They made a huge announcement over the intercom, ‘Congratulations to Eric Polk, the first Stratford student to get accepted at Wake Forest University.’ What?! So I hold that title. And I basically didn’t go to any class that day, they’re like, ‘Honey, just sit down!’” - Eric Polk, Wake Forest University ’07

Make college part of your plan. Beat the odds. Stay motivated. Start early. WORK SMART. Work hard.

Do your research.
Tell everyone you are going to college. Build relationships. Spread your wings.

Challenge yourself.

Believe in yourself.

Get the knowledge you need

This website provides practical advice and lessons learned by high school seniors and college students who have made it to college.

Some of these student “experts” are the first in their family to attend college. Others have college in their family background—but it’s still a stretch, filled with hopes and hurdles. In either case. they have lots to pass on about going to college.

Here we share their personal stories and tips, along with videos they have co-produced and planning checklists they have helped create. We share, too, the resources they have found most helpful.

For college advisors, there’s a special section with downloads and resources. For parents, there’s a glossary of college terms in English and Spanish.

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